Nigeria Needs Better Judicial Oversight To Protect Free Speech Online – Report


Nigeria needs stronger regulatory and judicial oversight to fully protect online freedom of expression and personal data.

This is according to a recent report by data advisory and analytics firm Stears Data in which it noted that strengthening the judicial process has become imperative especially in instances where government agencies breach people’s privacy.

The report is based on a six-month study undertaken by Stears Data, with support from the global philanthropic organisation Luminate.

It also called for better online free speech laws, data privacy regulations and stakeholder coordination and provided further insight into major issues in data and digital rights among others.

“Recent events such as the Twitter ban highlight the importance of a strong data and digital rights community,” the Chief Operating Officer of Stears, Abdul Abdulrahim, said.

“We’ve seen a growth in advocacy by civil society, but this needs to be supported by a progressive judiciary to effectively protect free speech online and data privacy.”

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