TELESQUIB on this day 31st January, 2020 has dethroned Chukwubuikem Amaka Praise as the Face of Telesquib 2019.

Queen Chukwubuikem Amaka Praise was crowned the Face of Telesquib 2019 on 15th December, 2019. During her coronation, she was presented an award as the Winner of Face of Telesquib 2019 alongside with N50,000 cheque which was the Star Prize for the Winner.


Chukwubuikem Amaka Praise, who was the Face of Telesquib 2019, has been dethroned over her arrogant behavior and nonchalant attitude which she repeatedly displayed towards Telesquib.


N50, 000 Star Prize Award

N50, 000 Star Prize Award


Having appraised her nonchalant attitude and indifference toward her office as the Face of Telesquib 2019, she was found guilty repeatedly in the following areas:

  1. Disobedient to this Agency
  2. Insincerity
  3. Negligence to her duty as the Face of Telesquib 2019
  4. Not ready to work
  5. Nonchalant Attitude
  6. Deceitful Attitude
  7. Zero commitment
  8. And others…..

The management having contacted her severally, given her enough time to change and take seriously the responsibilities of her office as the Face of Telesquib 2019, without getting any positive change in return, has on this day dethroned her as the Face of Telesquib 2019.

Below are some chats with the management, remind her the consequences of her behavior but she doesn’t even care:


[1/19, 9:23 AM] Winner 2019: Ma I don't know where to start

[1/19, 9:24 AM] Winner 2019: Defending my project

[1/19, 9:24 AM] Jane: You mean your pet project

[1/19, 9:25 AM] Winner 2019: All I was ask to do

[1/19, 9:25 AM] Jane: Have sent your apology letter?

[1/19, 9:25 AM] Winner 2019: Nop

[1/19, 9:26 AM] Winner 2019: I haven't

[1/19, 9:26 AM] Jane: Praise

[1/19, 9:26 AM] Jane: I pity you

[1/19, 9:26 AM] Jane: That’s an order from CEO

[1/19, 9:26 AM] Jane: And I must be honest, you may not like his decision when he decides

[1/19, 9:28 AM] Winner 2019: Hmmmm

[1/19, 9:29 AM] Jane: Yh

[1/19, 9:29 AM] Jane: You were given a little assignment

[1/19, 9:30 AM] Jane: With a deadline

[1/19, 9:30 AM] Jane: But you failed

[1/19, 9:30 AM] Winner 2019: 🙇🙇🙇

[1/19, 9:30 AM] Jane: I don't like much Emoji while chatting

[1/19, 9:31 AM] Winner 2019: M sorry 😔 plzzz ma

[1/19, 9:31 AM] Jane: First thing you should do is to send that apology letter

[1/19, 9:31 AM] Winner 2019: Okay ma

[1/19, 9:31 AM] Jane: CEO might be busy because of the ongoing contest

[1/19, 9:32 AM] Jane: But I tell you, after the contest

[1/19, 9:32 AM] Jane: Hmm

[1/19, 9:32 AM] Jane: He may have your time

[1/19, 9:34 AM] Winner 2019: Okay mam


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After this chat, there were other notice that are not published here.

Second Notice:

 [1/25, 7:27 PM] Jane: Why are u so rude?

[1/25, 7:27 PM] Jane: You appear more responsible than your actions

[1/26, 10:27 AM] Winner 2019: Momma wat did i do

[1/26, 10:27 AM] Winner 2019: ??

[1/26, 10:27 AM] Jane: Go to your group

[1/26, 10:27 AM] Winner 2019: Gud morning ma

[1/26, 10:29 AM] Winner 2019: Okay mam

[1/26, 10:30 AM] Jane: And that's the final thing she has to say

[1/26, 10:30 AM] Jane: Praise

[1/26, 10:30 AM] Jane: The management is not happy with you

[1/26, 10:31 AM] Jane: You ain't showing much zeal......

Remember we have your pet project recorded

[1/26, 10:31 AM] Jane: Remember we have your red-carpet interview

[1/26, 10:31 AM] Jane: As the winner, you ought to work with the management

[1/26, 10:32 AM] Jane: But you are showing less concern

[1/26, 10:32 AM] Winner 2019: M sorry just dat my m not supported by my pple again

[1/26, 10:33 AM] Jane: A clip was made for you queen....

Instructions will be given to you to upload on your status. But u aren’t doing any

[1/26, 10:33 AM] Winner 2019: So I have to do dere which I pray dat my dreams will come to pass to be a model

[1/26, 10:33 AM] Jane: Meaning that you are no longer interested????

[1/26, 10:34 AM] Jane: Good if your no longer with us

Kindly let us know

[1/26, 10:34 AM] Jane: And we will help ourselves by doing the needful without disturbing u

[1/26, 10:37 AM] Winner 2019: Mam plzzzz 😢😢 I don't know how to let u pple go



Third Chat:

[1/31, 7:38 AM] Winner 2019: Ma gud morning

[1/31, 9:01 AM] Jane: Hv u gone

[1/31, 9:03 AM] Winner 2019: No ma

[1/31, 9:03 AM] Winner 2019: Still preparing

[1/31, 9:04 AM] Winner 2019: Buh ma i think dat awka etiti is Telesquib headquarters

[1/31, 9:06 AM] Winner 2019: ND my spirit tells me it's not for anything else is for my dethronment

[1/31, 9:06 AM] Winner 2019: Buh if it's not wat m thinking I will also like to see d management for my dethronment

[1/31, 9:07 AM] Jane: Hmmm

[1/31, 9:07 AM] Jane: Strange words from you

[1/31, 9:08 AM] Jane: Dethronement?????

[1/31, 9:21 AM] Winner 2019: Yes mam

[1/31, 9:23 AM] Jane: I will leave you with your conscience

[1/31, 9:41 AM] Jane: Because you really sound strange


[1/31, 9:41 AM] Jane: Praise!


We have endured and warned her of her Behaviour more than we can count. Praise is now too big for the Organisation, she’s rude, we cannot contain her arrogancy and pride anymore.

Therefore Chukwubuikem Amaka Praise has been brought down in compliance with the policies of Telesquib Pageantry and has been Dethroned.

Queen Praise’s dethronement takes immediate effect and she’s expected to return all the belongings of Face of Telesquib, and never to appear as a queen of TELESQUIB anywhere again.



Should Praise be found flaunting herself as the Face of Telesquib after this publication, will be as impersonation, and will face the law.

And anyone who sees her appearing or claiming to be the Face of Telesquib should consider her a fraud and call the Police immediately.

“We Love our Queens, all we do is to promote our Queens, discover the talents in them, train them and promote them to the world. TELESQUIB has never had any bad intention against its queens. And has never forced Any of our Queens to go or do anything against their will.”

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Signed Miss



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