What Is the Right Bridal Veil for Your Face Shape?


Bridal Veil is a very special piece that can make the bride look so fairy-tale like. In order to get that look, you have to choose the perfect veil that goes with your face shape. Today we will help you learn how to wear it perfectly on your wedding day.

Round Face


If you have a round face you are the luckiest, because you can choose from various designs whether long, short or mid-length. It’s preferred though to go with simple tulle fabrics as it has fewer waves or embroidery.

Oval Face


If your face is oval don’t waste your time and go with a long veil that goes all the way to the end of the dress to get that charming look and it will be even so romantic when the groom lifts it up. Go for tulle fabrics that have less embroidery and waves.

Rectangular Shape


Has a lot in common with the oval shape but this one is a bit longer. That’s it is recommended to chose a “waterfall” veil as it makes your face rounder and fits perfectly with your face shape.

Heart Shape

For heart-shaped face brides go for a ‘ballet veil’ that goes all the way to your knees with a curved train. This design can add width to the chin area to achieve a glamorous look.

Square Face

If you have a wide chin and forehead, then you a need a veil that helps you get a simple look, we recommend that you chose a simple long tulle veil like the one worn by Duchess Meghan Markle on her wedding day.

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